FLAIR Foresight

1.1About the programme

The FLAIR Foresight is a spin off programme of FLAIR aimed at the skill enhancement of the students through the collaborative networks and societal engagement initiated by the FLAIR. faculty.

1.2 Objectives

  1. To identify the skill set that the students wish to imbibe for increasing their employability and carrier building by conducting surveys.
  2. To establish collaboration with reputed Professional bodies, NGOs, Business firm, Local Self Government Institutions, Consultancy firms for facilitating exposure for the interested students.
  3. To assist the students in documenting and reporting of the exposure and the skills that they have learned while working in collaboration with the agencies

1.3 Stages of launching the programme

Stage I

The students can be informed that interface programmes will be offered to those who are willing to have a professional interface/internship.

Stage II

A survey can be conducted among the students who have volunteered for the interface to identify the skills they would like to learn or enhance.4 students can be selected from each department. The programme can be launched from Semester 3 and till Semester 5.

Stage III

After identifying the transferrable skills that the students like to learn collaborating agencies can be informed and necessary formalities can be initiated.

Stage IV

The detailed programme has to be charted out so that the students get at least 6-10 contact hours with the collaborating agency. 6 hours will be mandatory subject to the interest of the students and the collaborating agency

Stage V

 The students after completing the interface or interaction need to submit a report on the learning outcomes and the further expectations.

Department Faculties in charge Collaborations sought
Communicative English Ms. Meerababy R Ms. Leena T.L Ms. Praseetha P Ms. Vineetha Print media Book authors Kerala Public Relations Department
Sociology Dr. Sunil John J Dr. JyothiS.Nair Ms. Sindhu C.A Mr. Abduraheem.M.P Ms. Chitra S Nair Block Development Offices NGOs Panchayati Raj Institutions Primary Health
Mathematics Ms.Jeeja.AV Free software promoting firms
Physics Dr.Sajeev.D Physics Lab visits
Malayalam Dr.Sreelekshmi Sr.Jayakumar Publishing houses Media houses
Hindi Ms.Shabana Hindi PracharSabha
Political Science Mr.Sameer S  
Economics Mr.Sinish K.V Department of Economics and Statistics
Commerce Dr.Rani Ms.Thusara Co-op Banks Accountancy firms Gulati Institution of Finance and Taxation

1.5 Competencies/skills to be attained from Collaborating agencies

NGOs-identify the managerial skills like planning, organizing, change management

Business/Consultancy firms –to find out the generic or transferrable skills like team work, self discipline

Local Self Government Institutions-professional skills like problem solving, creativity, decision making