Research Committee

The Research Committee of the college is one of the statutory bodies constituted by the Staff Council. The Committee is constituted of all the Heads of the major departments, IQAC Convenor and the UGC Convenor. The Committee is reconstituted each academic year to include faculties who are transferred to the college. The Research committee has constituted a subcommittee to collect and disseminate all the communications regarding submission of proposals for Major and Minor Research Projects, conduct of national seminars and workshops, etc.

The following is the members of the research committee

Dr  Krishnakumar R                   Principal (I/C)

Dr Jyothi S Nair                         Convenor, Research Committee

Dr Rani. L                                   Member

Dr. Jayakumar R.                       Member

Dr. Chitra S. Nair                       Member

Dr. Aruna UG                             Member

Dr. Joy B                                    Member

Dr. PradeepaKumari R               Member

Dr.Sheena S. Sukumaran          Member